2144 W Division Street
Chicago, il 60622
Wicker Park/Ukie Village
(773) 342-1011
We believe that using the freshest and best natural ingredients makes food that tastes great.  We don’t make anything that’s fat-free or sugar-free, and we never use substitutes, we cook for you how we cook in our home.  The result is simple products that are delicious and wholesome.  Here’s a few guidelines we use:

No Bleached Flours
We use unbleached/unbromated wheat flour. Bleaching flour removes all the nutrients and flavor.

No Artificial Colors
You won’t find pink or mint green color in any of our cases.  (We also won’t put your photograph on anything!)

No Artificial Flavors
Only wholesome, natural, flavorings go into our food.

  • No Hydrogenated oils
    Fresh butter, never margarine
  • No Preservatives
    Our food will last only as long as mother nature intended.

And that’s why they taste Great!