2144 W Division Street
Chicago, il 60622
Wicker Park/Ukie Village
(773) 342-1011

Coffee here is not an after-thought, it’s what we do.
Letizia’s Natural Bakery only utilizes the finest coffee beans from Caffe Umbria. The beans are roasted daily by our Italian friend Emanuele in Seattle. Emanuele Bizzarri is the third generation of coffee roasters in his Family, after his Father and Grandfather.

Caffe Umbria’s roasts our coffee to order: If we order on Monday, the coffee gets roasted and then shipped to us via UPS. In 4 days, the fresh roasted coffee is here in Wicker Park!

So whether you come in for an espresso, moka or coffee in the Morning, or you come to purchase some beans to go, you can be sure that your coffee is only one week fresh (can Starbucks say that? what’s the name of the guy that roasts their coffee?)

All our Baristas have been trained by Caffe Umbria trainers, to prepare your espresso drinks consistently, using Italian Barista Technique.

No watery espresso, No scalded milk. No super-automatic-press a button machines.
Just awesome coffee drinks, handcrafted with love by your favorite Letizia’s Barista.